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Our tone influences reading and understanding. To that aim, our tone of voice is: • Serious, though not humorless – We’re enthusiastic about informing our readers, but we also try to lighten things up with some natural humor.
We try to be as open and friendly as possible to our readers, therefore we write about how people speak in casual conversation. While educating our audience, we preserve formality.
We handle our issues with respect since we want to deliver actionable advice to our readers. We’re happy to be irreverent when appropriate.
Enthusiastic, yet fact-based – We’re delighted to provide our readers with unique perspectives, and it shows in our writing. We balance that with useful information for our readers.
Language And Punctuation:
American spelling – honor instead of honor and analyze instead of analyzing.
Active voice improves reading and understanding. I initiated the SEO campaign. The active voice indicates the sentence’s subject acts instead of being acted upon.
We don’t use a comma before the coordinating conjunction (and, or) in a series of three or more elements. Example: “JavaScript, Ruby, and Python”
Punctuation goes within quote marks. Heatmaps help us understand user behavior.
Spell out acronyms and abbreviations the first time you use them. Going forward, use the acronym.
Use em dashes (—) to separate parenthetical parts in phrases, en dashes (–) to represent ranges or related items, and hyphens (-) to make compound adjectives (cloud-computing, one-dimensional, etc.).
Use exclamation points sparingly.

Please submit your draft in a new Google Doc and follow certain formatting guidelines for readability:
Break up your material with headlines and subheadings. Subheadings should be H2 for sections and H3 for subsections. All headers should be title cases.
Paragraphs should be short–five sentences max.
Sentences – Complete, punctuated thoughts, not run-ons or fragments.
When feasible, use bulleted or numbered lists instead of sentences. This helps readers prioritize information.
One picture per segment.

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